Uplink/Downlink, Passive Intermod Uplink/Downlink, Passive Intermod Fiber Optic, Sweep Test Commissioning, Uplink/Downlink, Passive Intermod Sweep Test, Multi Carrier, Hybrid Cable, Power Control WCDMA, Rx Level LTE, RSSI, UMTS, VSWR, WiMAx 4G, RET, BTS, DAS, RSL

AERIOR's mission is to be, the wireless industry service innovator. By constantly looking for new and creative ways to improve and broaden our services, we rely on our corporate values to translate added value into our jobs and increased profitability for our clients.

Our values are simple: Safety + Quality + Efficiency = Profitability. A daily commitment to these values by each member of our team drives our client's success, as well as our own.

The cornerstone of our values is safety. We rely on a combination of formal training by trusted third party resources and our vigorous company safety program to ensure each job is completed without incident.

Quality is built-in to each employee from day one. From formal training, OJT, and mentorship, to daily QC checks by senior management, our goal is to exceed our client's expectations on every job.

Efficiency is increased throughout our organization by leveraging technology and best practices. Consistent dedication to this value allows us to meet very high demands for MTTR, client reporting, and precise invoicing.

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