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How much can I get paid at AERIOR?
We offer competitive wages based on knowledge and experience in the wireless industry. Once on board our employees are incentivized in a variety of ways as we reward top performers.

Does AERIOR provide medical and dental insurance?
We provide medical, dental, and life insurance to employees who elect coverage after satisfying a ninety day waiting period.

Are there any other benefits at AERIOR?

Yes. We offer the accrual of paid time off and paid holidays after ninety days. Also, all employees are eligible for our annual bonus program after one year of service.

Is there any special training or are there any special requirements to obtain employment with AERIOR?
No. Our employees have diverse backgrounds and skill sets. While most had industry experience prior to becoming employees, some had none. Experience with the following, may be beneficial to potential applicants: general construction, electrical, PCs, voice/data, radio technicians, IT, steel erector.

What is AERIOR looking for in a candidate?

AERIOR is looking for self-motivated, physically fit and technically inclined personnel that want to improve their quality of life. We provide a fast paced challenging friendly working environment with advancement opportunities. We are looking for individuals that are reliable, accountable and want to be directly rewarded for their contributions to the company. Although it takes a team effort to be successful we are seeking strong leaders that will step up and stand out.

How do I find out about employment opportunities at AERIOR?

We are constantly looking for new talent. Individuals interested in finding a company where they will be trained, developed, and offered advancement opportunities, are encouraged to submit applications and resumes via email or fax. (Download application here)

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